Landscape and Paver Edgers

Easy Diamond Installation Sheet  |  Royal Diamond Installation Sheet  |  Ace of Diamond Installation Sheet

Garden Edging (Formerly Thrifty Heavy Duty)

Height: 4.5"
Packaged: 1-20' strip and 6-9" poly stakes and 1-8", "C" connector
Packaged: 36 per pallet
Product Code: 9001-E

Easy Diamond Ground Lawn Edging

Height: 1.25"
Packaged: 1-20' strip, 6-9" poly stakes, and 1-8" "C" connector
Shipped: 36 per pallet
Product Code: 9013-E
Easy Diamond Installation Sheet

Royal Diamond 60' Lawn Edging

Height: 5"
Packaged: 1-60' strip and 1-8", "C" connectors
Shipped: 20 per pallet
Product Code: 9008-E
Royal Diamond Installation Sheet

Earth Lawn Edging Coiled 60’ Length (Made From 100% Recycled Plastic)

Height: 5”
Packaged: 1-60' strip and 1-6”, "C" connector
Shipped: 40 per pallet
Product Code: 9018-E

Ace of Diamond 20’ Edging

Height: 5”
Packaged: 1-20 foot flat strip edging
With 1 connector and 4 metal stakes
Shipped: 5 Strips per bundle
Product Code: 9000-E
Ace of Diamond Installation Sheet

Diamond Paver 8’ Edging

8' Lengths, 3" Width, 1.85" Height
Packaged per piece
Does not come with connector or stakes must purchase separately.
Product Code 9017-E
The Diamond Paver Edging is our most “solid/rigid” paver restraint, yet easily converts to flexible for curves. It is the most economically priced “solid/ridge” restraint on the market!

Edging Accessories Sold Separately

90 Degree Connector
Stock Code 9003-E

Metal Anchoring Stakes 4 pc in pack
Stock Code 9012-E

Poly Anchoring Stakes 6 pc in pack
Stock Code 9016-E

Pebble Junction, Inc is a local distributor for Valley View Edging products and accessories. We sell Retail and Contractor grade edging for any project that requires edging restraint. This includes landscaping with decorative gravel, edging for pavers, or edging to keep mulch or pine bark in place.

Valley View has been manufacturing quality lawn edgings for over 5 decades. Their quality control standards guarantee the finest material and workmanship used in the design and construction of all their products. Their most durable paver restraint, Diamond Paver Edge, is the most cost effective contractor grade product in the industry.

Valley View Industries offers the most diverse edging restraint product line for both lawn edgings and paver restraints in the industry and their flat strip division of products has multiple options depending on the soil conditions in a particular region.

Please Note: Stone is a product of nature so the color of the stone may vary according to the area it was quarried or mined in. Also, the thickness of the stone may vary plus or minus from what is stated on the product page with each new shipment. Bulk gravel stone sizes are based on a range of sizes and may run bigger or smaller than size stated on product page. We make every effort to represent the products offered accurately on our website and in our marketing materials, however, photos can be affected by lighting, photography, editing, reproduction or printing. It is important to view the actual product before making your final decision, as we want you to be happy with your stone purchase.