Tru-Stone® Thin Veneer - Sawn Flats:

Cedar Crest Quarry Run Strip

Coloration: Tan and silver with hints of green
Strip Flats and Corners
Nominal thickness 1-1/4 inch (generally), 15 lbs a sq ft or less per Uniform Building Code and International Building Code

Note: In order to obtain the finished look shown in photos below the mason will have to work the stone. Please allow for a 15-20% waste factor based on installation of product.




Please Note: Stone is a product of nature so the color of the stone may vary according to the area it was quarried or mined in. Also, the thickness of the stone may vary plus or minus from what is stated on the product page with each new shipment. We make every effort to represent the products offered accurately on our website and in our marketing materials, however, photos can be affected by lighting, photography, editing, reproduction or printing. It is important to view the actual product before making your final decision, as we want you to be happy with your stone purchase.