Frequently Asked Questions
How many pounds are in a ton? There are 2,000 pounds in a ton. How much does a pallet of stone weigh? Depending on the type of material on the pallet, a pallet weighs between 1 and 1½ tons. Most of our stone products are packaged on 1½ ton pallets. Are all of your stone yards open to the public? No. Only our yards in Langhorne and Lumberville, PA and Pebble Junction in Sanford, FL are open to the public. All other yards are distribution centers and are closed to the public. Is there a minimum order amount? For retail and contractor sales out of one of our yards there is no minimum amount for an order of stone. Our wholesale customers must order full truckloads of product. Products may be mixed and matched to fill out a full truckload. Can I establish credit terms with Pebble Junction, Inc.? Please fill out our credit application and fax to the number at the top of the form. Someone will contact you within a few days to go over the details of setting up your account. How can I calculate the amount of stone necessary for building a stack wall? Multiply the Length (ft), Times the Height (ft), Times the Thickness (ft), then divide by 27 (cubic ft / ton). This will give you the number of tones necessary for your wall. How do I know the weight of a product on a full pallet? There should be a Plastic Tag on the Pallet. On one side of tag there is the date the pallet was weighted and the product stock number. On the other side is the weight of that pallet in pounds. Divide the pound weight by 2000 to get the ton weight. How big an area will one ton take up in my driveway? One ton is approx. 1 bath tub full. What do you mean by Flat Rate Delivery? Delivery rate is based on a Flat Rate up to 6 tons. Will you take cash or a check at time of delivery? No, we use Independent drivers and they do not collect for us. All product must be pre-paid for prior to leaving the Pebble Junction yard. How do you figure Square Footage for gravel? Measure your length and the width of the area you are covering, multiplying the two together give you your square footage. You can also use our handy Gravel Coverage Calculator. What Gravel do you recommend for a driveway? Granite Chip. It is a hard, angular stone, won’t break down too easily and because it is angular, it compacts well, and you should prevent separation from the tires. What Gravel do you recommend for a drainfield? Granite Chip. What forms of payment do you accept? We accept cash, check, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express Do you sell Chattahoochee Stone? No, we do not sell Chattahoochee Stone, but we do carry many alternatives. Do you sell manufactured Stone? No, but our Tru-Stone line of thin veneer, made from natural stone products, was designed with the application of manufactured stone in mind, and provides a natural alternative. Do you sell pond liners and pumps? No, we do not carry pond liners or pumps. How many rocks come in a bag? It is impossible to tell exactly how many individual stones are in a bag without counting each bag. One bag of stone covers approximately 3 square feet at 2" depth, and weighs approximately 50 pounds. What does a bag of stone weigh? Each bag of stone weighs approximately 50 pounds. Is there a discount for large stone orders? A discount is already built-in to the ton price. How can I estimate what a boulder will weigh? A boulder will weigh approximately 150 pounds per cubic foot. This may vary depending on the type of stone. Please see our Boulder Weight Estimation Guide for more information.